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FRC Cheers Texas Attorney General

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said yesterday that municipalities are breaking the state constitution if they offer domestic partners benefits. And because they don't want gay people to have health insurance, that makes the Family Research Council very happy. Via press release:
In three cities and a school district, liberal Texans have tried to undermine the 2005 marriage referendum by offering benefits for same-sex partners. Unlike many amendments, Texas's specifically outlaws any "political subdivision" from creating a "legal status identical or similar to marriage"--and Monday, the Attorney General made it clear that those political subdivisions include local governments.

State Senator Dan Patrick had brought the matter to Abbott's attention in December, and FRC drafted a letter in support of Patrick's inquiry, urging the Attorney General to uphold the will of the people--75% of whom voted to protect marriage as the union of a man and woman. At a time when the fight over marriage is escalating--and the Left is looking for any legal foothold it can find--General Abbott's opinion is great news for voters across Texas! Our thanks and congratulations to state Senator Patrick for being bold enough to raise the issue--before it was too late.
As I noted yesterday, the city council of Austin and the commissioners of Travis County are discussing Abbott's opinion with their lawyers.

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