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GEORGIA (Country): PM Denounces Anti-Gay Violence At Pride Rally

"The right to gather peacefully and to freely express one’s opinion is fundamental to our democracy. Every Georgian citizen benefits fully and equally from this right. Acts of violence, discrimination and restriction of the rights of others will not be tolerated, and any perpetrators of such acts will be dealt with according to the law." - Georgia Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili, reacting to the violent mobs that chased gay pride demonstrators through the streets of Tbilisi on Friday.  Seventeen people were injured.

The anti-gay demonstration was organized by priests from the Orthodox Church.
In extraordinary scenes that saw chaos spread through the capital, those occupying the street held posters reading 'We don't need Sodom and Gomorrah!' and 'Democracy does not equal immorality!' A number of protesters carrying bunches of stinging nettles threatened to use them on gay activists. They insist that homosexuality runs against Georgia's traditional Orthodox Christian values. Father David, a priest who was one of the organizers of Friday's anti-gay rally, said the parade 'insults people's traditions and national sentiments.' Georgia's authorities had given the green light for the gay parade to take place, saying that all Georgian citizens, irrespective of their sexuality, are entitled to voice their views in public. 'We are against the propaganda of homosexuality,' 21-year-old student Nikolai Kiladze said.
 New Europe reports that members of the mob were shouting, "Kill them! Tear them to pieces!"

Watch this horrifying video of gay activists being attacked by thousands of God's Gentle People as they attempt to escape the scene in police buses.

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