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GERMANY: Gay Man Fathers 22 Kids?

Yesterday the Munich Evening News broke a story which claims that a local gay man has fathered 22 children via sperm donations to women in several countries. Gay Star News reports:
He has never had sex with a woman but Markus K from Munich, Germany may be the gay dad with the most kids in the world – 22 so far. Slim, dark-haired and 1.94 meters (6’3”) tall he has 12 children living in Munich, one in Tuscany, one in Vienna, six in other German towns and two still in the womb – they are due to be born this summer. If both those pregnancies go as planned he will end up with 12 girls and 12 boys. He thinks that’s a good number and may consider stopping. And, unlike many sperm donors, the 45-year-old is still in touch with all of them.
Markus told the German newspaper his reasons: "Help, reproductive instinct, loneliness and quiet revenge on the church. I can not be a priest as a gay man, but I can reproduce myself as often as I want." Markus claims he was kicked out of a Catholic seminary in 1994 for being gay. Stand by for NOM and everybody else to go nuts.

NOTE: I put a question mark on this post's headline because so far I'm not totally buying this story.

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