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Minnesota Gives Tony Perkins The Sadz

"As conservatives, it's easy to despair. With liberal states falling like dominos, Americans must be wondering if this is the end of the road for marriage. Well, it's not--and here's why. If you look at the dozen states with same-sex 'marriage,' homosexual activists are picking off the easiest targets: progressive pockets of the country that have rejected traditional morality. Our short-term strategy should be containment. If conservatives can confine same-sex 'marriage' to these liberal jurisdictions, the evidence of why this policy won't work will begin to show. More people will realize that this isn't about the marriage altar -- it's about fundamentally altering society. It's time to look at the marriage scoreboard -- 30 states to 12 -- and recognize that same-sex 'marriage' isn't a wave that's sweeping the nation. If anything, it's a call to stand for natural marriage -- and keep standing." - Hate group leader and apparent pizza fan Tony Perkins, via email.

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