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NEW YORK CITY: Cops Make Two Arrests After Midtown Gay Bashing

Port Authority cops made two arrests yesterday after they came upon a group of five men attacking a gay couple outside a midtown PATH station. The two victims, one of which has required eye surgery, asked the police to release their photos in order to help find the other attackers.
Asllan Berisha and Brian Ramirez, both 21, were with at least three others when Port Authority Sgt. Michael Thomas spotted them beating two men outside the station entrance on W. 33rd St. and Ninth Ave. about 5 a.m., officials said. Thomas and two other Port Authority lawmen, Dwight Clark and Matt Vogelman, darted toward the brawl and cuffed Berisha and Ramirez. The others got away. One of the victims said the hate-filled attackers “came after us and fought us because we’re homosexual,” a source said. Berisha and Ramirez, who both live in Manhattan, were arraigned Friday night on charges of misdemeanor assault and harassment, a violation. Berisha was later released on $1,500 bail. It was unclear if Ramirez made bail.
Misdemeanor assault? Earlier this week another gay couple was attacked near Madison Square Garden, but police believe the crimes are not related.

VIDEO: CBS New York recaps the latest spree of gay bashings in Manhattan.

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