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Rabbi Noson Leiter: NY Anti-Bullying Bill Is Emotional Child Molestation

"Much of the homosexual agenda is predicated on predatory practices targeting youth. I would suggest people look at the information on the Dignity for All Students Act in New York state, the homosexual indoctrination in schools is a major issues that could be attacked on that basis. It’s like spiritual and emotional child molestation, that’s a term people may want to use. There are bills in California and proposed in New Jersey and New York seeking to ban reparative therapy, as Greg Quinlan referred to it as the Jerry Sandusky bill that we just testified against this week in New Jersey. These are all examples of terrorist and barbaric tactics and strategies and policies of the homosexualist movement." - Rabbi Noson Leiter of Torah Jews For Decency. Right Wing Watch has much, much more at the link.

RELATED: Last fall Leiter declared that Hurricane Sandy was God's revenge on New York for legalizing same-sex marriage. He was later denounced by Governor Cuomo.

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