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Rep. David Scott (D-GA) Backs Marriage

Two days ago JMG reader Rob sent me this note: "Dear Joe, My partner & I met with our congressman, Rep. David Scott, yesterday and he told us that he completely supports marriage equality. He stated that he was a guest at Barney Frank's wedding. He said that he would be willing to look at the Respect for Marriage Act as a co-sponsor if it is reintroduced in this Congress."

I immediately wrote to Rep. Scott's office and yesterday I received this short but welcome response from his spokesman: "Congressman Scott fully supports marriage equality." In 2004 and 2006 Scott had voted in support of a federal constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, but told Rob that he had "only been trying to represent the wishes of his constituents at the time." (Rob's phrasing.) Thanks to Rob, the HRC has now updated their entry on Rep. Scott.  And that makes ten Democrats that I've lined out on last month's post on marriage holdouts in the House. Please check the list and see if I've missed anybody.

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