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SAN ANTONIO: Christian Groups Threaten To Sue Over Domestic Partners

Two San Antonio-based Christian groups are threatening to sue the city in order to overturn insurance benefits granted to the partners of LGBT city employees.
Pastor Gerald Ripley [left] of Voices for Marriage and Philip Sevilla of Texas Leadership Coalition made the request Wednesday with backing from a few sign-carrying supporters at City Hall. Attorney General Greg Abbott issued an opinion April 29 stating cities that offer marriage benefits to employees' same-sex partners are violating the Texas Constitution. San Antonio has done so since 2011, at an annual cost then estimated at $300,000. Ripley and Sevilla also voiced opposition to Councilman Diego Bernal's proposal to update the city's anti-discrimination policies by adding protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. Further, Ripley and Sevilla oppose funding a city liaison to the gay community. The city's Governance Committee takes up Bernal's proposals on Tuesday.
Pastor Ripley: "We cannot allow this in San Antonio. We are not San Francisco." Ripley's partner in hate, the Texas Leadership Coalition, is a group comprised of "Catholic laymen." San Antonio's city attorney says they will not take action until the Supreme Court rules next month.

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