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Southern Baptist Convention To Christian Groups: Stop Lying About The Military

President Obama has not ordered the military to change any of its rules regarding proselytizing, but thanks to bullshit claims spread by Fox News, Liberty Counsel, FRC, and many others, all of Teabagistan thinks there's a new plan to court martial Christian soldiers.  In fact, the current regulation against aggressive proselytizing was instituted during Bush II's second term.

To their credit, yesterday the Southern Baptist Convention, which was itself burned in false claims that the Pentagon had blocked their website, essentially told right wing groups to shut the fuck up on the latest proselytizing claims.
We have no interest in fomenting conspiracy theories or faux outrage, seeing that such will serve neither the gospel of Jesus Christ nor our mission to minister to our neighbors with this gospel. We have no interest in misrepresenting our military leaders or their civilian command. The Bible calls on us to pray for and to honor our government leaders. We reject any and all attempts to sensationalize or misrepresent situations, in this or any other context.
Check out Politifact's "Mostly False" tear down of the story, which first got legs from an article posted by Fox News reporter Todd Starnes.

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