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Alec Baldwin Calls Reporter "Toxic Little Queen," Deletes Twitter Account Again

Alec Baldwin went on a tweeting rampage yesterday after a reporter from Britain's Daily Mail tabloid claimed that Baldwin's wife had been sending tweets about shopping during the funeral for James Gandolfini. After posting the above messages from his now-deleted account, Baldwin added that he wanted his followers to find the reporter and "straighten out this little fucking bitch."

Fox News is characterizing Baldwin's tirade as full of "homophobic slurs," but the New York Daily News does not mention that aspect of the story.  The Daily Mail is standing by its claim about Baldwin's wife, although other outlets have noted that their reporter was reading her tweets from California and that timestamps from her tweets reflected the local time and not when the Baldwins were at the funeral in New York City.

RELATED: Baldwin raised gay eyebrows in 2011 when he tweeted that a barista at an Upper West Side outlet of Starbucks was an "uptight queen with an attitude problem."  Baldwin has long been an outspoken ally to the LGBT movement and most (at that time) gave him a pass for the incident.

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