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FRC Cheers Voting Rights Act Ruling

"There will no longer be a special category for these 15 states -- many of which are now at the forefront of elected minorities! From now on, these regions will have the same equal opportunity to define their voting laws as anyone else. For too long, states like Alabama, which brought the lawsuit, have been prisoners of history. Instead of punishing them for past mistakes, this ruling finally takes states out from under Washington's thumb and gives them a fresh start. In recent days, the Voting Rights Act has been a tool for a liberal and politically-motivated DOJ to shape laws to its advantage. And in an administration as corrupt as President Obama's is proving to be, the less power it has over the states, the better!" - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, who has ties to the KKK and who keynoted a convention of white supremacists, via email.

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