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ILLINOIS: Hate Group Calls For Police To Enforce "Morals Codes" At Chicago Pride

The Illinois Family Institute, an SPLC-certified hate group and the former home of Porno Pete, is calling on its followers to contact the Chicago police and demand that the above list of "public morals codes" be enforced at this weekend's Chicago Pride events. The IFI writes:
Though open containers with alcoholic beverages are illegal during the Gay Pride Parade, missing in official police and parade rule announcements, however, are warnings against violating the Chicago Public Morals Laws, which have been on the books for years and rarely, if ever, enforced in the Boystown gay district throughout the year.

The month of June was designated as LGBT “Pride Month” by proclamation from Mayor Rahm Emanuel featuring dozens of social, cultural, athletic and political events scheduled by various sponsoring groups, culminating with the 44th annual Chicago Gay Pride Parade on June 30th at noon. The grand marshal for the parade is former NFL player Wade Davis. Parade organizers claim to attract hundreds of thousands of onlookers each year, including young children.

Use IFI’s advocacy system to contact Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and 19th District Commander Elias Voulgaris and respectfully urge them to enforce Chicago Public Morals Laws. No one person, group or organization should be above laws that protect citizens from public indecency and lewd behavior.
Listed ninth in this year's parade line-up is Garry McCarthy (bolded above), so don't expect that any attention will be paid to these crackpots. Not to mention that police departments in virtually every city love to work pride parades as they are virtually violence free, unlike just about any other massive public gathering.

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