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Maddow On Gays & The GOP

Mediaite has a recap of Rachel Maddow's Friday night piece on gays and the GOP:
“In Republican world, it is a very different world than the rest of us are living, when it comes to The Gay,” Rachel Maddow said in a blistering segment taking the mainstream GOP to task for their ossified position on homosexuality.

Whereas the country is rapidly moving in favor of gay marriage—Maddow referenced a poll showing a 57/40 divide in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage—Republicans gathered at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington DC this weekend, which is just Ralph Reed’s Christian Coalition 2.0, where they reaffirmed their opposition to any form of gay rights.

But the MSNBC host says their staunch refusal to liberalize on gay issues is about to be tested in two different ways: when the Employment Non-Discrimination Act comes up for a vote in the Senate, and when the Supreme Court hands down its ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 sometime in the next two weeks.
Watch the clip.

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