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NYC-Based Realty Group Bans Smoking In Rented Apartments Nationwide

The Related Companies, a New York City-based real estate group with properties across the nation, has banned smoking in all 40,000 of its rental units.
Although the program will roll out gradually, it appears to be the first of this scale by a national property owner. It also seems likely to create controversy. Where past efforts against smoking have focused on public gathering places — like bars, stadiums and courthouses — Related is now trying to prohibit legal private behavior. Not that smokers will get kicked to the curb right away. New tenants must sign a contract promising not to smoke anywhere in the building, including their private terraces or balconies. If they break the rules, they can be evicted. But those already renting will not face the same fate until after they renew their leases and sign the no-smoking contract. With a turnover rate of 10,000 a year, Related’s apartments could conceivably be smoke-free in a few years’ time.
The New York Times notes that enforcement will most rely on neighbors narcing on each other. 

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