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NOM Celebrates Illinois With Confetti And A Toppled State Capitol Building

NOM is continuing to celebrate the failure of the Illinois House to vote on marriage, this time with an image that shows confetti streaming down on a toppled Capitol Building.  It's an anti-gay Day After Tomorrow! Unsurprisingly, the image comes attached to NOM's latest money beg:
Today NOM is announcing the formation of a "Win More States" fund. Contributions to this fund will be devoted to fighting the good fight for the truth of marriage in key battleground states. We will use this fund to supplement the grassroots activism and public education we already conduct to make sure that we give everything we have to preserving marriage whenever it is under attack. There are many states in play that could use our help right now — Ohio, Oregon, New Jersey, Nevada, Indiana, etc. — and the Win More States Fund will be the vehicle to allow us to devote even more resources to the cause.

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