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Pre-Order Your Pride Magazine T-Shirt

Due to popular demand following yesterday's JMG post, the publishers of the national Pride Magazine have decided to make this year's historic Edith Windsor cover available as a limited edition t-shirt, which will be shipped with a physical copy of this year's magazine.  Reserve your shirt and magazine now by writing to  Just state your name and the desired size. You will be contacted for shipping and payment details shortly. The price is $19.95 for all sizes in 100% cotton.

UPDATE: I've been asked to move this post from yesterday back to top because the folks handling your t-shirt orders have been overwhelmed by your responses. I'm told that everybody's emails will be responded to within 24 hours, if they have not yet been answered already. They do have enough shirts for everybody, don't worry.  Simplify the process by just putting the quantity and sizes of your request in the subject line. Examples: "Two mediums" or "One large, one extra-large."

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