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TEXAS: Pastor Promises New Cars From God To All Who Donate For Helicopter

A pastor in Texas has sent thousands of church members a newsletter in which he promises them that God will send them a new car if they help him fix his helicopter.
There's is no question Bishop I. V. Billiard has built a religious empire at New Light Church in Houston. There are thousands of members with 6 locations including one in Austin. This is the controversy that's sparking heated debates on social media. It's a news letter by Bishop Billiard sent to some members of New Light.  It tells members of the flock they would like to raise $50,000 to replace the blades on the church's helicopter. The letter goes on to tell those who donate $52 each will receive a blessing from God. The letter from Billiard indicates if you donate they could received the transportation mode or car of their choice from God. That blessing would arrive in either 52 days or 52 weeks.
See the full newsletter here. (Tipped by JMG reader Dean)

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