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Today's Liberty Counsel Lie

"President Obama is forcing federal employees to openly affirm homosexuality and other forms of immoral behavior. The President is using bully tactics to force his immoral agenda on millions of people who come to work each day to make a living. This is shameful. Liberty Counsel has already reported on the Department of Justice’s ‘silence is not an option’ campaign, which provides that it is not enough if you remain silent on LGBT issues. Instead, you must affirm deviant sexual behavior. If you are silent, your job is in jeopardy. After we reported on what was happening in the Department of Justice, more DOJ employees came forward saying that they were afraid for their jobs. Essentially what we have in this administration is an LGBT affirmative action program. This is the most outrageous violation of conscience and the First Amendment that I have seen within any Administration—trying to force people’s conscience to affirm something that historically has been, and according to natural law and Biblical revelation, is unnatural, immoral and unhealthy." - Hate group leader Mat Staver, still peddling that lie about a pride brochure created by the DOJ's LGBT employee group.

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