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Andrew Sullivan: Arrest Alec Baldwin

"He knew the target was gay, and threatened to beat him up, and urged others – up to a million others who follow his tweets – to beat him up. Why, I wonder, has Baldwin not been arrested? In my view, George Stark should press charges. Bigoted bullies like Baldwin need to know that their stardom (and their 'liberal' past) does not excuse this. Kids are brutalized by this kind of language every day; they commit suicide because of this kind of language; others are killed by those who share Baldwin’s homophobic rage.

"And yet he still hasn’t apologized to the gay community for inciting gay-bashing. The reason he escapes censure is because of liberal bias, which, when it defends homophobic violence, is particularly repellent. [snip] Fuck that. If he had used the n-word and threatened to lynch a black dude, would anyone doubt his career should be over? And yet gays and lesbians are defending him. How many African-Americans are coming to the defense of Paula Deen?" - Andrew Sullivan, on Alec Baldwin's Twitter rant.

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