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Bob McDonnell: I'm Not Resigning

"I'm not going anywhere. I love this job. I think there were a couple of very bad rumors about that. I have been able to get some major problems solved for our citizens. Virginia is in better shape that most states. Democrats and Republicans are working together well in our state. I've tried to create that climate for bipartisan cooperation. I think that's what people appreciate and expect out of government, and that's what we're are going to try to do in these last five months, so there's been no consideration of that." - Anti-gay GOP Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who yesterday apologized for accepting $124K in gifts and loans from a backer.  McDonnell may yet face criminal charges from state and federal investigations.

RELATED: Virginia is the only state that does not permit governors to run for successive terms, but they are allowed to run again after having left office. Virulently anti-gay Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is currently trailing slightly behind former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe in the polls to succeed McDonnell in November.

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