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COSTA RICA: President Signs Bill That "Accidentally" Legalizes Gay Unions

On Monday the national legislature of Costa Rica approved a bill that some claim "accidentally" legalizes civil unions or marriage for gay couples. Most had expected the president to veto the bill and that it would be rewritten.  But she has signed it. Via Google Translate:
Chinchilla signed the law that was not raised to give rights to homosexuals, but to strengthen the Young Person Act, and was presented by a deputy of National Liberation (PLN), Jorge Rojas. However, a motion of the deputy of the Frente Amplio, José María Villalta, joined the project and change Article 242 of the Family Code, which regulates the relations made ​​after three years of living, where to between couples "with legal capacity for marriage".

The amendment passed the 45 deputies present in the plenary on Monday afternoon, states that the recognition of the rights to do "without discrimination contrary to human dignity" and the social and economic effects of unions. For Deputy Villalta, the law firm "means a small step to combat discrimination that many people suffer orientation in Costa Rica".

Meanwhile, across the street from those who are against the Costa Rican Renovation deputy, Justo Orozco, said he would file a bill for there to be an "authentic interpretation" of what was intended vote in plenary. Orozco also explained why he voted for the plan: "God saved me," he said, recalling that he was in his office. For the evangelical Carlos Avendaño, the law does not give anyone rights since in his opinion does not generate substantial changes in the Family Code to allow marriage between same sex. "I find it regrettable that this created that expectation," he said.
Costa Rica's first female president, Chinchilla has battled against placing a legal separation of church and state into the national constitution, which declares Costa Rica to be a "Roman Catholic nation."  After her election in 2010, Chinchilla declared her continued opposition to same-sex marriage, but said that Costa Rico should move forward on some legal recognition for gay couples. (Tipped by JMG reader Austin)

NOTE: Spanish speakers, please feel free to correct or provide context to the above-linked translation.

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