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DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Christians To Protest Gay US Ambassador

Christians in the Dominican Republic are being urged to wear black armbands today in a "Black Monday" protest over President Obama's appointment of an openly gay man as the US ambassador to their nation.
Christian leaders are asking people to wear a black arm band, to show a black banner or ribbon on cars, or to dress entirely in black on Monday, to show that the public rejects the US State Department's promotion of its homosexual agenda in their country. Ex-president of the nation’s Evangelical Confraternity, Cristobal Cardozo, called the appointment “an insult to good Dominican customs” and said it is inappropriate to send such an ambassador to “a country where homosexual relationships are not approved, neither legally nor morally.” “In reality, it’s a lack of respect, of consideration, that they should send us a person of that type as ambassador,” said Catholic Auxiliary Bishop Pablo Cedaño in a recent interview. “I have the hope that he won’t arrive because I know that if he arrives he’s going to suffer and will have to leave.” Cedaño’s sentiments were echoed by Santo Dominco’s Cardinal Archbishop Nicolas de Jesus Lopez. “You can expect anything from the United States,” said the cardinal.
RELATED: Earlier this month Cardinal Lopez called the ambassador a "faggot" during a press conference.

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