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FLORIDA: Atheist Monument Unveiled At Bradford County Courthouse

The nation's first-ever monument to atheism placed on public property was unveiled this weekend at the Bradford County Courthouse in Florida. Permission for the monument had been granted as a settlement for a lawsuit objecting to a Ten Commandment monument already on the site.
American Atheists, a New Jersey-based group, erected a 1,500 pound bench with quotes from various historic figures and documents Saturday at the Free Speech Forum outside the Bradford County Courthouse. Dave Muscato, public relations director for American Atheists, told The Christian Post that the "unveiling and dedication went amazingly well." "We planned for 100 to 200 attendees and about 300 people attended, despite the rain," said Muscato, who added that there were various protestors at the Saturday event. "There were seven speeches total, plus an introduction from the County Commissioner, who quoted the Bible several times. ...The installation took approximately an hour and a half."
After the unveiling, creationist Eric Hovind stood on the attached bench and began "witnessing" to the attendees.

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