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Google Launches Web Streaming Device

Google today began selling Chromecast, a dongle for streaming web videos directly to your television.  Forbes reports:
Practically giving away the device (it’s only $35 and comes with $24 worth of Netflix, even for current Netflix customers) could turn out to be a brilliant move for Google if it results in a massive uptake in customers turning to the search giant as their delivery source for TV entertainment and news. If you add in Google’s existing Android phone franchise as the largest smartphone operating vendor and its growth in tablet market share (the company announced it’s activated 70 million Android tablets), then what you’re looking at is a giant media distribution company that reaches, literally into both your pocket and your home.
In a separate "hands-on review," Forbes notes that Chromecast faces some initial challenges in terms of content.
Right now, Chromecast only has apps for YouTube and Netflix while Roku and Apple TV have many more viewing options. Of course, Google will reach out to developers and expand the offerings and there is a way to play other video through a PC but that’s still a bit too complex a solution for watching TV. Even tech savvy people sometimes want to kick back and watch TV without having to fuss with their phones, PCs or tablets.
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