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HomoQuotable - Christopher Doyle

"We want federal protection just as gays are given. Ex-gays also need to be given protection. We're not discriminated against because we're living heterosexual lives; we're discriminated against because we're former homosexuals and we dare to have a different viewpoint, an opposing viewpoint. Justice Kennedy, in his DOMA decision, basically said that gays and lesbians deserve the right to marry because they've faced animus in this country, meaning that they've faced hatred and discrimination; they deserve equal rights. I don't believe that we should deny gays equal rights. I think that if we, however, include and allow gays to have the same rights, which heterosexuals do, we also need to allow ex-gays to have the same rights as well. Meaning that we need to be able to go out and be heard in the media and the public sector." - Christopher Doyle, who will be on Capitol Hill tomorrow to "lobby Congress for ex-gay equal rights."  Whatever THAT is.

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