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LCR Endorses Homocon For Congress

"Log Cabin Republicans is proud to issue an enthusiastic endorsement of Carl’s campaign. The people of California need a reform-minded, new generation Republican to represent them in Congress, and I can think of no one who fits that bill better than Carl: a successful businessman, a proven leader, and a fine example of a strong gay conservative. This is a seat we can win, and we’re going to win it with Carl.” - Log Cabin Republicans head Gregory Angelo, endorsing failed San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio for the U.S. House. 

RELATED: Last year local activists called for San Diego Pride attendees to "turn your back on DeMaio" when he passed in the parade. DeMaio, whose mayoral candidacy was backed by the some of largest donors to Proposition 8, is a wealthy political consultant who is vehemently anti-union and who has vowed that LGBT rights will never affect his political decisions. True to that vow, there are exactly zero mentions of any gay issue on his campaign website.  (I can't even find mention that DeMaio is himself gay.)  DeMaio is seeking to unseat Democratic freshman Rep. Scott Peters, who like DeMaio was once on the San Diego City Council.  Peters is an ardent LGBT ally who issued a celebratory press release following the Supreme Court rulings on marriage.

NOTE:  Last week Angelo entered GOProud territory when he denounced the Seattle Pride incident as an example of "liberal tolerance."

VIDEO: Here's DeMaio getting repeatedly booed at last year's San Diego Pride parade.

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