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LISTEN: Pet Shop Boys - Electric

The new Pet Shop Boys album, Electric, is streaming live today on Pandora.  If you're in the UK, you can listen at the Guardian.  The album will be released next week.
"When we started work on it, it was more Chris' project really, and we agreed that it wasn't going to be Disco 5," Neil Tennant recently told Popjustice. "But it still had the slight feel of a side project. But then last year we sat down and said, "what is this? Is this the Pet Shop Boys' 12th studio album?" And the answer was: YES IT IS. And there was something rather exciting about bringing out an album – originally it was due to come out in April – eight months after our previous one. David Bowie did it with 'Heroes' and Low, why can't we?"
Pet Shop Boys are nothing if not prolific.

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