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New App - iPtown

Just in time for Bear Week comes a new app from the Provincetown Tourism Office.
Located on the tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown, MA, has been on the leading edge ever since America was launched with the signing of the Mayflower Compact, and the town is now unveiling a smartphone app as unique as its one-of-a-kind reputation. For instance, it should be no surprise that the button on the app for 'Useful Information' depicts the iconic telephone operator played by Lily Tomlin who made "one, ringy, dingy" a classic skit. Home of the country's oldest continuous art colony and a model for progressivism, Provincetown has gone digital to make their attractions and features as easy to access as they are to enjoy. The app is named "iPtown" and will feature nearly a dozen different sections to help visitors and locals find services, food and lodging, shopping, special events and happenings around town.
The app is free and available on all platforms.

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