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New York's Forbidden Vanity Plates

Thanks to a Freedom Of Information Act demand, the state of New York has handed over its previously secret list of banned vanity plates. Via Village Voice:
The agency says it's meant to be "a guideline to the DMV employee who screens personalized license plate applications for offensive or objectionable words or phrases or messages." And what a list it is: All conceivable spellings of the word "Cock" are banned, along with references to breasts (BOOBS and also B00BS), sexual acts (CO1TUS), menstruation (KOTEX), and, of course, Nazi stuff (WAFFENSS, NOJUDEN). There's even a little Yiddish: PISHER, P1SHER and ESSDREK ("It's shit") are all verboten. In essence, New York has created a hostile environment for the Nazis, sexual deviants, and incredibly stupid, begging-to-be-pulled-over drug enthusiasts on its roads (JUNKIE, DRUGSALE). In the event of the Second Coming, even Jesus can't get the appropriate plates for his sweet post-Resurrection ride: JESUS and UJESUS (?) are both off-limits.
Perusing the quite lengthy list, I see that there are more than a dozen banned variations on 10INCHDK.  Also banned are numerous versions of BIGDIK, HOTDIK, and SEXHOG.

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