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On Sale: Target Practice Gun Control Lobbyist Which "Bleeds When Shot"

Ian Millhiser at Think Progress reports that a company called Zombie Industries sells target practice mannequins which "bleed when shot!" Their latest model target is a "gun control lobbyist" which goes for $89.95. From the sales pitch:
As a pro gun control lobbyist, this guy spent his days milling around Washington D.C. distorting the truth about guns & violent crimes. He not only believed that firearms should only be in movies, he honestly thought law-abiding citizens had no right to protect themselves, their neighbors, or their nation against violent attackers. He chronically ignored facts and bi-partisan crime statistics that disproved his anti-gun beliefs and would often base his arguments on pure emotion. Despite being a self-proclaimed expert on the subject, his actual working knowledge of firearms and their capabilities was completely non-existent; he even erroneously thought that banning cosmetic features on some firearms would have an effect on people’s safety levels. What’s worse is that he was even prone to exploiting victims of heinous crimes just to try and further his own political agenda. In other words, he was a real scumbag with no appreciation for the US Constitution or respect for an individual’s freedom!
See those guys in the suits in the background of image above? The guy just to the left of the zombie  was a victim in the Virginia Tech mass shooting. He sent Zombie Industries the below tweet today.
Think Progress notes that the company is also selling a target practice dummy that looks like President Obama.

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