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One Million Moms Vs NBC's Camp

"Dear Joe, NBC continues to produce inappropriate programs and plans to add to that growing list. Let's voice our concern and let NBC know of our disapproval of their newest program 'Camp.' The title says it all, and with a TV-14 DLS rating you can be assured this will not be for family viewing. The pilot preview included: A boy saying, 'By June 15th, I'm playing with bo*bs, both hands, full cupping." Later he says, 'We need c*ndoms.'  The camp director says, 'Pois*n Ivy rash is very contagious. Don't touch yourself. I know what it is like with you boys. But you got to give it a rest.' Later, the director is making out with another ad*lt counselor on her office desk. It is appalling that NBC intends to air a show that features immoral behavior in a positive light while attempting to draw in young viewers with the title and adolescent plot of the program. One Million Moms is determined to clean up broadcast airwaves." - One Million Moms, via email.

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