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Rush Limbaugh: The Democrats Will Nominate Chris Christie For President

The latest from master prognosticator Rush Limbaugh:
The next presidential election is still three years away, but top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh is already making a bold prediction about who will be the likely nominee for the Democratic Party. “I think it’s going to be Chris Christie,” Limbaugh said on his national program Tuesday. “I think the contest in 2016, the Democrat side, is gonna be between Rahm Emanuel and Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie.”

What makes the prediction especially noteworthy is that Christie, the governor of New Jersey, is at present a Republican, and he would have to switch parties to be nominated by the Democrats. On June 5, Limbaugh first brought up the possibility of Christie looking to lead the Democratic ticket, saying at the time: “I’m not predicting it officially here, but I will not be surprised, if when 2016 rolls around and Governor Christie is seeking the presidency, I won’t be surprised if he seeks the Democrat Party nomination.”
Limbaugh's latest prediction doubtlessly arises from the ongoing and increasingly personal feud between Christie and Sen. Rand Paul.

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