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Scott Lively Has The Documentary Sadz

"Any American who has ever watched their favored candidate for office being unfairly smeared in a television commercial knows the destructive power of lies and misrepresentation in film. Both the Democrat and Republican parties are masters at twisting and spinning facts to destroy their opponents. But nobody is better at malicious propaganda than the political left on the issue of homosexuality, and they have never worked quite so hard at it as in their attempt to slander the people of Uganda. If the vast sums of money spent by western liberals to smear this emerging nation for opposing homosexual sin had instead been spent on feeding starving Africans, or fighting the many terrible diseases of that continent, they would have saved tens of thousands of human lives instead of producing tens of thousands of feet of worthless film. Real life in Uganda is far, far different from what is portrayed in these disgusting anti-Christian ‘documentaries.’" - Anti-gay crackpot Scott Lively, who is ever so upset at his portrayal in documentaries about the Christian pogrom against homosexuals in Uganda.

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