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Scratch-N-Sniff Honey Boo Boo

Look, Francine, Tab for our diet! Via Phoenix New Times:
Anyone who picks up the July 15th issue of People (available at newsstands, corner drugstores, and supermarket checkout aisles starting on Friday) or the July 22nd issue of US Weekly (available July 12) can nab one of 10 million of the scented and scratchable cards that can be used when watching both the season premiere and the second episode. Specific numbers will appear on screen at various points throughout either episode corresponding with six scents on each card that viewers are encouraged to rub off and then inhale. (Honey Boo Boo fans can also match up the smells via this website for a chance to win $5,000.) And according to Mama June herself, not every one will be pleasant. "Take a big whiff and see what you smell," she says in an online promo video for the stunt. "Some don't smell too good."
This house is just like Architectural Digest, Francine! (Via Boy Culture)

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