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Street Preacher Vs Gay Pride Attendee

The preacher writes on YouTube:
This discussion is very revealing into the mind of many (maybe all) homosexuals. This gay man revealed the enshrined secret, spirit and teaching behind the gay community: Christians are not allowed and should be fought against, perhaps wiped out. This man openly says it is RUDE for a Christian to be at the public parade. He infers that Christians are the ENEMY (Forcing me to pick sides). This man states Christianity is the Oppressor.

Based upon this man's words, the natural conclusion of this man's statement if enshrined in code of law and has the upper hand in society is that if Gay people had their way, Christianity should be banned (It is oppressive), it should be fought against (it is a war), its propogators should be imprisoned (they are the bad guys), society should bar Christians from jobs (Rude for just being there), Christians should be killed (they are the enemy).
Of course, the gay man says nothing of the sort.

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