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LGBT Sports Group Calls On Athletes To Hold Hands At Sochi Olympics

Noting that all demonstrations involving pins, flags, and other items are strictly banned by the IOC, yesterday an international LGBT sports group launched the "Same-Sex Hand-Holding Initiative."
The campaign is simple: Pride House International is calling on everyone present in Sochi – athletes, staff, media, officials, spectators, sponsors, vendors, and fans – to take every opportunity to hold hands with a person of the same sex. “There are extreme restrictions on the uniforms and other items worn by athletes at any Olympic Games. Flags, badges, or pins are not allowed without IOC approval, a near-impossibility, and wearing something as seemingly innocuous as pink socks or shoelaces is very difficult for athletes to do, and complex to organise for other participants and spectators,” said the Federation of Gay Games’ Les Johnson. “But everyone can hold hands with their neighbour. Indeed, raising your rivals’ hands in camaraderie is an image we see on every podium at every sporting event.”
Pride House cautions that any hand-holding should be done with as many witnesses as possible.

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