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MARYLAND: Anti-Gay State Rep. Don Dwyer Busted Again For Drunk Driving

Last year Maryland state GOP Rep. Don Dwyer was arrested for drunk boating after an accident that seriously injured six people, including four children. Dwyer later declared that he'd become a drunk because gay marriage had been legalized in Maryland. He then vowed to join Alcoholics Anonymous after pleading guilty in that case. Yesterday, he was busted once again for DUI.
A police officer who was driving a prisoner said he saw a vehicle "commit numerous traffic violations in a short period of time that posed an immediate safety risk for all other drivers" on Route 100 eastbound at Edwin Raynor Boulevard in Pasadena, according to a police report. The officer pulled over the car, a 2001 Cadillac DeVille. A second officer found Dwyer inside, with "a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath," according to the police report. Dwyer, 55, told the second officer he had had two beers earlier in the evening and was coming home from a tavern in Baltimore, according to the police report. The officer wrote in the report that Dwyer had red, glossy eyes and a flushed face and his speech was slow and slurred. When Dwyer go out of the car, he was unstable and trouble keeping his balance, according to the police report.
Dwyer remains a member of the Maryland House Of Delegates and today even some GOP officials are demanding his resignation. (Tipped by JMG reader Chris)

RELATED: In 2011 Dwyer sat next to Maggie Gallagher during Maryland's marriage equality hearings, telling the committee that any state delegate that testified in favor of the bill should be "arrested for perjury" because saying that gay people deserve equality "is a lie and they know it." During the hearings Dwyer presented documents from the SPLC-certified hate group, MassResistance, claiming that gay activists want to introduce sadomasochism to grade school children. Dwyer also recorded an anti-gay robocall for NOM.

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