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NYC's Next First Lady?

Yesterday the New York Daily News profiled Kim Catullo, the famously media-shy wife of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.
If Quinn is elected, she and Catullo would make history: Quinn, 47, would be New York’s first female mayor. And Catullo, 46, would be the city’s first gay First Lady. “She doesn’t like it much, being in the public eye, but she will go along because it’s Chris,” said Catullo’s 87-year-old dad, who recently hit the campaign trail for Quinn at a Brooklyn senior center. “She wants what’s best for Chris.” George Arzt, the former press secretary to Mayor Ed Koch, added: “Kim is very sharp, very shy, and a very nice person. She could be a very effective First Lady with her knowledge of complex issues if she chooses to do that.” Catullo’s transition to a more public life began when she married Quinn on May 19, 2012 — an event that was splashed on the front pages and covered on the evening news. Now, it’s not uncommon for New Yorkers to run into Catullo in the couple’s Chelsea neighborhood and share their stories of urban woe. “The luckiest person in New York is a person who meets Kim Catullo,” said Quinn. “Until Kim has been fully satisfied that someone’s problem has been resolved, I don’t hear about anything else.”
It's actually quite the even-handed piece, without even a whiff of "OMG, lesbian First Lady!"

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