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One Million Moms Vs Rent-A-Center

This just in:
"Dear Joe, Rent-A-Center has joined other companies in tasteless advertising. Its latest commercial begins with a man and woman walking into their store wearing nothing (their fronts and backs are pixelated) but obvious they are both n*ked. The commercial ends with a n*de man lying on a sofa with one leg propped up exposing a pixelated cr*tch. This isn't a first for Rent-A-Center. Rent-A-Center is following a trend in crude commercials. Their last offensive commercial had a male wearing a pair of women's th*ng p*nties peeking out over his daisy dukes while wearing a cropped tank top. This ad is airing as early as 6:00 pm ET/5:00 pm CT when children are likely watching. It is airing on numerous networks including family channels. This ad is vile and disgusting; Rent-A-Center should be ashamed of themselves."

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