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PENNSYLVANIA: Montgomery County Commission Holds Marriage Meeting

Philadelphia's CBS affiliate reports:
The Montgomery County commissioners held their first public meeting Thursday since the county started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The decision was made by the register of wills, D. Bruce Hanes, not the commissioners, but two of them - Chairman Josh Shapiro (D) and Vice Chairman Leslie Richards (D) applauded the move. Also applauding the move were most of the 17 registered speakers. "I would commend you and your register of wills for embarking on this most courageous journey," said Eileen DiFranco of the Journeys of the Heart Ministry. Pennsylvania's law prohibits same sex marriage, but Hanes declared last week the equality wording in the state constitution trumps that law. Supporters of his view spoke of marriage equality and how it can transform.
All but one of the citizens that spoke at the meeting backed same-sex marriage.

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