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Petition Of The Day

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims writes:
The time has come for our Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to include a basic level of protection for members of the LGBT community in Pennsylvania. That's why I’ve not only co-sponsored House Bill 300 this legislative session, but am also working hard with Prime Sponsors Rep. Dan Frankel and Rep. Chris Ross to build support for its passage. Currently, we protect our citizens from discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, ability, yet there is no protection for hate-crimes victims that are based on sexual orientation. Reps. Frankel, Ross, and I need your help to pressure my fellow legislators in the Pennsylvania House and Senate to support this ground-breaking and historic legislation to protect the LGBT people of Pennsylvania.
Hit the link to read in full and sign.

RELATED: Five years ago the anti-gay hate group Repent America successfully forced the repeal of Pennsylvania's 2002 hate crimes law.

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