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Quote Of The Day - Larry Klayman

"Yes, the time has come for the American people to rise up and legally rid the nation of Obama and his Democrat and Republican collaborators. As a prelude to this, perhaps we need a government in exile, much like Charles de Gaulle implemented when the Nazis seized control of his country during World War II. Like Vichy France, our nation in 2013 has indeed been seized by modern-day Nazis, whose methods of enslaving us are far less transparent and potentially equally effective as those of Adolf Hitler." - Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman, writing for Alan Keyes' Renew America. 

RELATED: Earlier this year World Net Daily published Klayman's outright call for revolution against the federal government. Klayman is the lawyer who represented hate group leader Bradlee Dean in his losing libel suit against Rachel Maddow.

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