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Brian Brown: Hawaii Emergency! Again!

"The Governor claims that there have been no complaints or lawsuits in Hawaii — yet. But that's because marriage has not yet been redefined! Just look around elsewhere. In Vermont, Christian inn-keepers were fined for declining to host a same-sex wedding AND ordered to cease hosting weddings altogether.
Recently, the New Mexico state Supreme Court ruled that Christian photographers must compromise their beliefs and offer their services against their will by photographing same-sex ceremonies. Never mind that same-sex couples can easily find other photographers who are happy to participate in these ceremonies.

"Instead the court said the price of citizenship is having to compromise your faith. Most recently in Washington State, the Attorney General is suing a Christian florist for declining to use their talents to arrange flowers for a same-sex 'marriage' ceremony, while a baker in Oregon was driven out of business for declining to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple because it violated their deeply held religious beliefs. This is what the future looks like in Hawaii if marriage is redefined." - Hate group leader and compulsive liar Brian Brown, yet again declaring a "Hawaii emergency" and very conveniently failing to note that Hawaii already has the same public accommodation law cited in the above cases.

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