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Cops Arrest Driver Who Posted "World Record" Lap Around Manhattan Video

A week ago a YouTube user with the name Afroduck posted the below video in which its author claimed to have set the world record for completing the 26-mile drive around Manhattan in 24 minutes. (Parts of the roads that ring the outer edge of the island are limited-access highways, but some of the distance is on surface streets with traffic lights.) The video drew over 300K views and the ire of NYPD chief Ray Kelly, who vowed to find Afroduck.  Yesterday, he was arrested.
Christopher Tang, 30, was arrested after posting a video on YouTube Aug. 28 showing his wild joyride as he raced around Manhattan in 24 minutes. He was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, speed violation and traffic device violation, among other offenses. Cops also took away the 2006 BMW model Z4 — with a maximum speed of 155 mph — that the racing madman used for his stunt. The nut mounted a camera on his dashboard, which chronicled his 26.5-mile journey from the FDR Drive at E. 116th St. to Battery Park, and back up West St. until he reached his starting point again.

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