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Crazy Eyes Vs Wolf Blitzer

Meditate recaps:
The argument became animated over a variety of assertions Bachmann made, at one point prompting Blitzer to insist that what she asserted was flatly “not true.” Blitzer began by asking Bachmann to explain her assertion that the ACA will result in the deaths of women, seniors and children. “That’s the greatest fear that Americans have,” Bachmann explained. “It’ll be very unpleasant if the death panels go into effect – that’s the IPAB board. If we have denial of care for women, children, senior citizens, or if we have problems where people aren’t given the drugs that they need – maybe they’ll be denied drugs for breast cancer – you bet this can happen.” “But millions and millions of Americans will now have health insurance,” Blitzer said.
Lies right to his face and keeps talking.

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