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Gay Veterans Marry At Senior Living Home

A gay couple together for 20 years has gotten married at their senior living home for veterans in a first for the facility.
John Banvard, 95, and 67-year-old Gerard Nadeau, who served in Vietnam, said they wanted to have their ceremony among friends, so they chose to have it at the Veteran’s Home, where they’ve lived for the last three years. They decided to get married after the Supreme Court’s actions earlier this year, which allowed same-sex couples to marry. “We were waiting on the Supreme Court to make that decision,” said Banvard. Many of the couple’s friends who live at the veteran’s home attended the small and simple ceremony. “The world is changing, we have to go along with it,” said one guest. Facility director Neal Asper said news of two men getting married at the VA home wasn’t well received by everyone. A town hall meeting was held at the VA home to address concerns from other residents.
There's video at the link.

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