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NOM: Stop Carl DeMaio

NOM has issued a money beg to stop San Diego homocon Carl DeMaio from winning a seat in the US House. Via email from Brian Brown:
As you know, NOM is engaged in fights to defend marriage in Congress as well as in states all across the country. And one of the most frustrating things I repeatedly run in to is Republicans who are pressured, bullied and cowed into silence by a small but powerful faction that is trying to GUT the Republican Party of its traditional principles and values. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of it. That's why you and I need principled leaders like Kirk Jorgensen in Congress. Please click here today to make a donation to support Kirk's campaign. Not only does Kirk have to fight against liberal California Democrats — he has to fight a liberal challenger from his own party! Carl DeMaio is a career politician, running as a Republican, who has abandoned the party's platform on both marriage and life — a RINO to the core — and, worst of all, is being backed by many establishment Republicans trying to reshape the party to be more “progressive”! Will you let them do that? Or will you stand with me today and help send a true marriage champion to Washington?
Brown's email doesn't mention that DeMaio is gay.

RELATED:  Last month DeMaio angrily denied a claim that he'd been seen masturbating in the men's room of the San Diego City Council. Another news story alleges that DeMaio was secretly behind the drive to recall disgraced former Mayor Bob Filner, presumably with the intent to position DeMaio to replace him. Filner resigned before the recall campaign officially launched. In July the Log Cabin Republicans endorsed DeMaio's bid for the US House. Also in July, local LGBT activists organized a campaign to boo DeMaio during this year's pride parade, noting that he'd been reluctant to endorse marriage equality and had accepted donations from backers of Proposition 8. DeMaio, a wealthy political consultant, is vehemently anti-union and has vowed that LGBT rights will never affect his political decisions.

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