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NYC Mayoral Recount Drags On
UPDATE: Thompson To Bow Out

UPDATE: My earlier post below may be moot, according to a tweet just published by the New York Times.
It's almost one week after New York City's mayoral primary and we still don't know if Bill De Blasio got the 40% needed to avoid a runoff with Bill Thompson.
On Sunday, workers continued checking the vote tallies in the lever machines, a tedious task that was supposed to be finished by Saturday but got jammed up in Queens and Manhattan. Board officials said they expect to finish recanvassing of the machines early Monday, then begin reviewing the 78,000 paper ballots, including 10,000 “emergency” ballots voters filled out because the lever machines in their election districts didn’t function on Primary Day. The review will include an additional 21,000 absentee ballots, plus 45,000 affidavits filled out by voters whose registration couldn’t be found at poll sites, will be counted.
The unofficial total from Tuesday showed De Blasio at 40.3%.

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