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One Million Moms Vs Slim Fast

Just in via email:
Dear Joe, Slim Fast's new marketing strategy has backfired. They are offending their target market, especially the new moms wanting to lose the last of the baby weight. One commercial even states this, but concludes saying, "I wanna be the hottest MILF in my area code." MILF is short for "Mom I'd Like to F*ck." Slim Fast is also airing commercials mentioning "the reverse cowgirl position with the lights on" and "just when I am twisted up like a Russian gymnast, I wanna look like a Russian gymnast." On their website, they allow anyone to choose which video clip they want to view by selecting PG, R or NC-17. Slim Fast is being irresponsible in their new ad campaign. This entire ad will make you lose your appetite, especially if you have children in the room asking you to explain the meaning of the innuendos. The Slim Fast commercials are inappropriate and tacky. These commercials have aired during the day when families are likely watching. TAKE ACTION: Please send Slim Fast (Unilever) an email letter urging them to no longer air offensive commercials and to pull their newest ads that include s*xual innuendos immediately.
The final line of the second clip is the winner.

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