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Quote Of The Day II - Sean Doherty

"I came to realize that labeling myself as a gay person, albeit a celibate one, wasn’t actually helpful because it restricted me into this identity. The turning point was choosing to believe that my sexual identity was 'male' – and that’s what determines whether I could be married or not. I don’t speak of myself as an 'ex-gay' person. I prefer the term 'post-gay.' You choose to move away from the label of 'gay' altogether, which has come to be associated with a certain lifestyle. I’ve clearly experienced some change in my feelings so that I am attracted to my wife. But it’s definitely not a 180-degree reorientation. All of us will continue to have desires and feelings which aren’t right, until Jesus returns." - Sean Doherty, speaking to Christianity Magazine(Via Christian Nightmares)

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